Stability in Brave New World Essay

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All human lives depend on stability. Without it there is no structure, no organization, and no society. Chaos and pandemonium will erupt if there is not stability. The Dictionary defines stability as “resistance to change, dislodgement, or overthrow” or “consistency of character or purpose”. The word makes me think of structure, such as a large building standing against strong winds. It also makes me think of perseverance. Something that is stable will sustain itself for a long period of time. Something stable will resist change but can maintain itself through it. However, in Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World stability is the way of life. The World State’s motto is “Community, Identity, Stability”
The entire world is one stable unit
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It keeps things in order, and we could not live like we do today without it. Stability is a virtue in our lives. The word has a positive connotation for me. As I said earlier, the word makes me think of a structure standing against the wind, but it means anything that can maintain itself. Stability also can refer to a consistent character in a person. If someone has stability, than they know their place and can define their self. However, I think that this society’s “stability” has interfered with basic humanity. People’s lives shouldn’t be controlled for the sake of a “perfect” society, such as they are in the utopia described in Huxley’s novel.
All societies do need stability to function, but I believe that humanity, identity, and individuality are more important. If the world was perfectly stable, as it is in Brand New World, than humanity’s existence would be pointless. If people cannot make their own decisions and they have their lives laid out for them, they will have no real lives at all. Stability is a good thing, but it is not worth the sacrifice of humanity.

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