Stabilization And Treatment Required Effective Planning Essay

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Individual Project 5 Confidentiality Issues Diana Gradine Colorado Technical University December 19, 2016 Abstract Stabilization and treatment require effective planning. The clients who enter this addictions program are the essence of this program and its success. Therefore, the needs of the clients we serve set precedence and our staff are to address the needs of the clients with regards to confidentiality as it can become an issue if no policy is in place. Client confidentiality is an issue for program staff who receive calls by family members who are seeking information about their loved ones. This becomes a policy and procedure issue at the time the phone is answered. To resolve this issue and to effectively manage client confidentiality a protocol is in place. The program staff will follow the procedural response for each phone call and request. After training and demonstrating how to answer the phone our staff will be properly trained. Each program staff will seek guidance if any breach of confidentiality is made and will log it immediately. This method of response and approach will reduce violation of policies and procedures that reduce legal obligations in the event confidentiality is breached. Proper steps in place to ensure compliance. Individual Project 5-Confidentiality Working with addictions and implementing this program has been a collaborative team effort. As an intake coordinator, my position provides direct and indirect

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