Stabilizing Shorelines

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Stabilizing shorelines The coastline are undergoing changes through time which can be attributed to natural processes while others are attributed to human activities though most of them are due to both factors. This calls for human intervention which involves attempts to stabilize or what can be termed as hardening of the shoreline. This approach taken will lead to various long-lasting consequences on the natural system both locally as well as the area surrounding; these effects can be both positive and negative. This paper looks at various techniques and efforts that have been used in the stabilization of shores throughout the world and further establish if they are temporary or permanent. Finally it will look at how development of coastal areas has played a role to shoreline erosion. When it comes to the efforts to be applied so as to ensure that shores are stabilized one must first recognize erosion problems. There is loss of soil and ultimately the value of shoreline and hence this is a problem that needs urgent action against. Stabilization of the shoreline can be done through the construction of various beach structures which all act in a similar way in that they act as an imposition of a physical barrier in the area near the shore zone and hence block flow of littoral drift which goes ahead to interrupt the natural equilibrium. They therefore are designed to withstand force of wave action. These are the hard stabilization methods and they include; sea wall
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