Stacy's Hour: A Narrative Fiction

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My heart suddenly dropped and I closed my eyes as soon as possible shouting out NO. I reached my hand out and reversed time back to when we were laying on the train tracks. I stood up as soon as I realized what had happened and my nose was bleeding, I felt faint. “Woah Katie, are you okay?? Your nose is bleeding,” Stacy asked in worrisome. “Yeah I’m fine, just get up FAST!” I said frightened. Stacy tugged and tugged at her foot but it wouldn’t budge. She began crying; it was the same thing all over again. I ran over to the little rundown shack where you can change the direction of the train and barged through the door. The air inside the shack was filthy and filled with dust. There were so many buttons and levers, I didn’t know what to do. Stacy kept screaming for help and I kept yelling back that I was trying. The sound of the train grew louder and inched closer and closer each second. Out of panic I switched the lever and right when the train was about to hit Stacy, it switched tracks. I ran over to Stacy to see if she was alright. “You saved my life again Katie! You’re amazing!” she shouted in relief. “Well you’re lucky that I’m here with you, otherwise that train would have run you over,” I replied. “Katie, your powers to reverse time is incredible! We must put…show more content…
Every one of Mr.Jefferson’s students had to enter a photograph into the competition, whoever won the competition got a free trip to San Fransisco with Mr.Jefferson to see their art be displayed at a popular art gallery. Mr. Jefferson chooses the winner of the competition and of course Elizabeth would do just about anything to win. She’s the kind of girl who’s a try hard teacher’s pet and has to get good grades no matter what. If she loses anything, she throws a tantrum. I remember in Middle School, she lost a race and had the biggest break down. Elizabeth ran over to the winning girl and got into a beastly
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