Stadium Contracts

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Need to talk about criteria/ funding where the money came from

The Wembley stadium was built using a Design and build Procurement strategy. A Design and build strategy is where a single contractor is responsible for both the design and construction of the stadium. The client must specify the type of building they require and the contractor proposes the best design to meet this, this information was found at the web address

A design and build project allows the low risk factor as for the client has the contractor takes on the risk by offering a fixed cost contract. The web address states the original provision for a building cost was around £352m, with total project costs of £757m. A
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cover the roles and responsibilities of the Client, Design Team and Contractor involved.

The first Scottish parliament building was created in September 1997 after a referendum in which people of Scotland voted by almost three to one. The client, the Scottish government decided on building a complex building from a mixture of steel, oak, and granite. The procurement route chosen by the Scottish government was construction management. The web address explains the procurement route chosen was to turn out to be the most significant decisions during the project, and also states Construction management offers the advantage of speed but with the disadvantage of price uncertainty until the last has been leased. Construction management was chosen not only for allowing the project to be started quickly and the reduction in overall construction. But the procurement route allows for change in design during the project and problems are generally solved rather than passed around the separate contractors.

Choosing construction management as a procurement strategy means the client is responsible for leading the
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