Staff Issues And Culture Of Teachers

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Staff Issues and Culture The Principal recognizes teachers’ efforts and accomplishments every term and at graduation ceremonies. Teachers are rewarded with gift certificates/vouchers, fruit baskets, cards, letters, and cash. All staff members value rewards. Rewards apply equally to all categories of staff. When teachers are insubordinate and non-compliant, they are cautioned in writing. All members of staff receive equal treatment whether permanent, temporary or substituting and in spite of gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation. Equal treatment is also given regardless of position at the school: teachers, chefs, janitors, security guards and grounds man. At the NECS, persons appreciate the celebration of successes but they magnify…show more content…
Teachers fail to mark papers and input grades on the EMIS in a timely fashion to provide timely feedback to parents and students. There exists no written policy of empowerment for parents, staff and students at NECS. The climate at the NECS can best be described as an environment in which persons feel like they are walking on egg shells. Persons are not comfortable with their level of discretion to act. Champions for change do exist among the few committed teachers and the management team but they are even afraid of venturing out for fear of discrimination by colleagues although the opinion leaders are both male and female Heads of Departments. Resourcing and Culture The school’s structure and location is one of the most envied and well-designed schools on the island. It is equipped with laboratories for Physics, chemistry and Biology. There are two Information Technology labs and a multi-media room that are fully equipped with desktops and high speed Internet. The Agriculture Department has four greenhouses to manage, a poultry and a rabbit hutch. There is also a fully equipped woodwork room, Auto Mechanics room, Technical Drawing room, clothing and Textile room and Food and Nutrition lab. The school operates a self-sustained canteen. 44 members of staff are employed at the school but only eight are qualified and trained. The material resources available at the school are not put to full use.
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