Staff Training and Effectiveness

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All It Takes is for Good Men to do Nothing By Faye James B. Blankenship June 17, 2012 1. Would a TNA be needed in this situation? Why or why not? If yes, who would you need to talk to? In the case of Ms. Dillman at IMP, I do not think a task needs analysis is going to fix the problem nor would it have prevented it. Under normal circumstances, it would be a necessity to first perform one; I feel that in this case there are major underlining causes for concern, one being that a hostile work environment has been created. There is a breakdown in communication between the employee and her supervisors. This is apparent when she explains to HR the problems she is experiencing and even took medical leave to escape the…show more content…
3. Why has the Commission insisted on training for the whole company, when the problem is clearly only Mr. Pettipas? Elaborate. I agree with the Commission’s insistence on the entire company receiving training. It may have been only Mr. Pettipas that acted out in such a way, but the silence of everyone else is disturbing. It leads one to believe that maybe they agreed with Mr. Pettipas’ behavior. Their silence in the matter was as good as acceptance and IMP cannot take the chance that this situation could arise again. It was a precautionary measure for the company to require all employees to take the necessary training to prevent this occurrence from happening again in the future. 4. In order for training to be effective, what other things do you think need attention? Besides, OJT and KSAs the nontraining needs have to be addressed in sexual harassment policies that apply in the workplace, creating hostile environments, diversity training and interpersonal skills would all be useful for this crew. They could also benefit from some team training also. As stated in the text, there is noticeable difference in effectiveness with the use of teams. Maybe, if there was a team effort at IMP the other co-workers would have a sense to stick together whether male or female and speak up for what is right. 5. What would you suggest in the way of evaluation of the training? How would you convince top
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