Staff Wilding In The British Army

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The one thing that Staff Wilding knows for sure is that Staff Hardman will stand tall and take his flogging like the real hard man that he is. It is for this reason that Staff Wilding has no qualms about laying the Army Cat on with real severity, as he knows that Staff Hardman can take it like a real man and that it is what the British Army expects Staff Wilding to do. Not only does the British Army expect Staff Wilding to do his Military Duty, Staff Hardman expects this of him too. Staff Hardman will always stand erect, stripped to the waist and take his floggings like a real hard man should, simply because that is just what he is.  Staff Wilding knows full well that the Army, Captain Flog, and Staff Hardman all expect him…show more content…
When a hard man pushes his boundaries, he creates a new 'high water mark' in his achievements. This then sets a new baseline, which he then strives to surpass. Thus, a man grows ever harder, more resolute, and more manly as a result. This is exactly how I see the benefits of proper Corporal Punishment Mark. As a lad, I always thought that every leathering and thrashing I took, not only made me harder, but also made me more of a man. This is undoubtedly what drove me to want it harder then, so that it would be even harder and more manly to take my medicine like a real man. This is what lies at the heart of my desire to push myself with both the Corporal Punishment I take and lay on. My experience is that it takes a tough, game, hard lad to take his medicine from me and every time he does, he gets harder and more manly for the experience when he takes his medicine properly. My thoughts now are the same as those you had when you were a lad, Andy. I see every visit to you as an opportunity to become a harder, tougher, more resolute, and better man. And just like you, the harder my punishments are, the greater my feeling of accomplishment when I take my medicine well, which then makes me feel harder and more manly. This is what I want to feel from our sessions, going forward Mark! I will do my very best…show more content…
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