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OUR DEFINITION OF STRATEGIC STAFFING River’s Bend Dude Ranch believes that strategic staffing is the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of our business plans and strategies, or even better, as the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of change. The impact on staffing should be defined, or at least discussed, whenever changes to our business plans are being considered whether them being near-term or longer-term. Strategic staffing should include the following: * Defining the staffing numbers and capabilities of the employees who will be needed at a particular point in the future to implement plans
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HOW THE APPLICATION FORM IS UTILIZED (THE PROCESS) AND RATIONALE All applicants will fill out our employment application form for the open job. Once the deadline has expired, we will compare each applicant to one another and learn about their qualifications to select the specified number of applicant’s that we would like to interview. This will give us an upper hand on hiring the right person or people for the job.
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River’s Bend Dude Ranch must select people who possess characteristics required for the job. The employment interview is an effective way of determining who has these attributes and therefore, who is right for a job. The interview is popular because it is more personal than traditional selection assessments and because it can be used to evaluate job characteristics not easily measured with other procedures. We will use the structured interview because they ensure candidates have equal opportunities to provide information and are assessed accurately and consistently. In a structured interview, all candidates are asked the same questions in the same order, they are evaluated using a common rating scale and interviewers are in agreement on acceptable answers. Structured interviews have a higher degree of reliability, validity, and legal

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