Staffing: Nursing and Health Care

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KENYA METHODIST UNIVERSITY SCHOOL:MEDICINE AND HEALTH SCIENCES DEPARTMENT:NURSING COURSE CODE :NRSG 355 COURSE TITLE :NURSING ADMINISTRATION PRESENTED TO :MR KAILEMIA PRESENTED BY :MARGARET WANJIRU WANYIRI REGISTRATION NO:BSN-1-7130-3/2010 CASE STUDY:NURSE STAFFING PATTERNS ,INADEQUACIES AND POSSIBLE REMEDIAL MEASURES IN NYERI PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL DUE DATE :17TH MARCH 2014 Introduction Nyeri general hospital was started in the early 1930s as a military hospital.its is now a provincial hospital owned by the ministry of health.its located in central pronvice ,nyeri county .its one of the major hospitals serving the population of nyeri consists of various departments such as out patient ,medical…show more content…
This shortage is not solely nursing 's issue and requires a collaborative effort among nursing leaders in practice and education, health care executives, government, and the media According to the country-level policy perspective, a nurse staffing shortage is usually defined and measured in relation to that country’s own historical staffing levels, resources and estimates of demand for health services. WHO concluded that the shortage crisis has the potential will worsen in the future . It noted that demand for service providers will escalate markedly in all countries – both developed and undeveloped. Literature review Staffing is an important function of management which mostly deal with the recruitment, selction orientation ,induction and promotion of employees at the work place . Components of staffing Staffing pattern-itrefers to how many people of job classification should be on duty per each unit ,per shift ,per day. Staffing plan-it indicates how many people of what job classification mustbe hired to deliver on the staffing pattern. Staffing patterns are built on 2 assumptions Each given unit wil continue to admit the same type of patients in the same numbers for the total period in which staffing pattern is in effect. The patients needs is averaged out per unit on a daily basis . If staffing fails it leads to alteration in patient acquity levels ,actual patient day ,assignment systems ,nursing care goals and
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