Staffing Of The United States

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One of the largest issues plaguing police departments in United States is under staffing Under staffing has become ramp it all over the United States. Under staffing creates issues not only for officers with in a department but also within society as a whole. “The rate of sworn officers current habitats was 2.4 per 1000 in the nation in 2011. The rate of total full-time employees, civilian and sworn was 3.4 per 1000.” (Police Employee Data) This is shocking taking into consideration that there 's just over 1 cops per 500 people in our country today. And in Anderson there 's less than 1 cop per 500 people. (Table 78) No one benefits from understaffed police stations, on the other hand the effect it has on society is high. “Staffing is so low that the department is unable to respond to entire categories of theft and other crimes, unable to investigate more than a handful of reported crimes, and completely unable to respond to neighborhood crimes when officers are required to work on a riot situation.” (Oakland Police) Without proper staffing how are the police supposed to do their job effectively Having to pick and choose which cases are major enough to dedicate their limited time and budget too. Forcing its officers to complete multiple jobs often making their work less efficient and more about quick fish rather than quality work. What 's the least public unrest and a call for the heads of the officers who have not completed their job efficiently. There are multiple causes
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