Staffing Plan Paper

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Staffing Plan Paper
Giselle Walton
October 12, 2010
Lori Gardner

Staffing Plan Paper
Appropriate staffing can be the key to success for many organizations therefore, the human resources (HR) department must develop a staffing plan. In this paper I will develop a staffing plan for a new division at T-Mobile called Loyalty. Loyalty will consist of marketing, customer service, distribution, and accounting. Specific strategies to recruit the appropriate applicants including the legal compliance of said strategies will be developed in this paper.
Initially HR has to understand the need for the division called Loyalty. The loyalty division will meet the needs of customers who have been with the company for more than two years.
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The representatives would be able use these elements to address at risk customer issues in an effort to reduce customer disconnects and increase customer loyalty.

When offers of reduced pricing are accepted for equipment, meeting delivery expectations becomes an important part of enhancing the customer experience to maintain satisfied loyal customers. An inventory specialist in the current distribution center would be given the additional task of segregating and maintaining inventory levels to meet the needs of the customer loyalty department.

Recruitment Strategies
The best strategy for obtaining the right people, for the newly created customer loyalty positions, would be internal recruiting followed by company website if necessary. The strategy for this type of recruitment requires no additional funding and is the best opportunity for HR to hire employees who already have an investment in customer loyalty because they already work for the company and are familiar with company values (Raymond A. Noe, John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, 2007). Additional benefits of internal recruiting are the ability to see performance evaluations for the applicants and the ability to set a requirement that all applicants must be meeting the company performance standards set for their current position. The move to the newly created division would be seen as a career path for many employees and a promotion for others. Internal
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