Staffing Plan for Victory Dialysis Center

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Staffing Plan A staffing plan provides systems of controlling and monitoring human resource capital and associated costs as well as creating a structure for effective role performance (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe, & Wright, 2007). The plan gives an outline for the required workforce to facilitate an organization undertake the requisite workload and assesses staffing needs in future (Burke & Cooper, 2005). Staffing plan will identify the compliance measures with the federal and state regulatory bodies. It will also assist to communicate and develop goals to stakeholders (Dunham-Taylor & Pinczuk, 2006). Components of a staffing plan for Victory Dialysis Center are presented here in identifying the qualifications, number, and duties of prospective employees. Management Team Victory Dialysis Center will have a management team comprising of five directors: medical director, financial director, lawyer, administrator and an on -call Nephrologist. The overall responsibility of the management team will be to overlook the operation of the Dialysis unit taking into consideration the monthly reports. The management team will also be concerned with: Review of the policies and procedures governing the Business, Personal policy evaluations Approval of appointments made and Governance of operations and documentation of policies and procedures Medical Director/ Nephrologist This position plays a key role in the organization coordinating and overall supervision of activities

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