Staffing Problems Within The Health Care Industry

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Short staffing in hospitals creates a large patient-to-nurse ratio and in recent years has become a largely discussed problem within the health care industry. Health care systems that understaff their units have nurses that consider themselves burned out, meaning they are tired and sick of working. Not only does short staffing effect nurses, it also affects the patients that these tired, worn out nurses take care of on a daily basis. Even though the simple and quick solution to this problem may be hiring more staff and creating standards for patient-to-nurse ratios, it is not that easy. In order for a health care systems to combat high patient-to-nurse ratios heath care systems need to better the quality of its nurses and decrease mortality rates of patients by strategically hire more nurses and bettering and more effectively using their leadership management team. By making small changes in the infrastructure of the health care systems the nurse and patient’s quality of life increase.
The Dangers of Short Staffing: How Being Understaffed is Effecting Nurses and Patients
While most people consider nursing to be extremely rewarding for both the patient and the nurse, when regarding the impact both will have on each other 's lives, very few people truly understand the pressures nurses deal with on a daily basis. A large portion of this stress is due to the nature of work that comes with the job, such as mandatory overtime and labor intensive work, a majority of the stress is…
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