Staffing System For A Job

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Maria Romano MGE 629 HW#3 Chapter #7 1. Imagine and describe a staffing system for a job in which no measures are used A staffing system for a job in which no measures are used would be virtually impossible. Measurement is the key in staffing organizations, as it is a method used for assessing aspects within the organization. A system without methods would have no efficient method for determining a framework in the process of selection. 2. Describe how you might go about determining scores for applicants’ responses to (a) interview questions, (b) letters of recommendation, and (c) questions about previous work experience. To determine scores for qualitative responses such as interview questions, letters of recommendations and previous work experience questions, a scale would have to be created. To determine these scores, the answers would have to be looked at subjectively by the reviewer and given a number on a rating scale. Once the answers are given a numerical value, the total score can be compared to other applicants’ scores to determine who may be more valuable to the company. 3. Give examples of when you would want the following for a written job knowledge test: (a) a low coefficient alpha (e.g., a=.35) and (b) a low test-retest reliability. A low coefficient alpha represents a low reliability measure, showing that there is a decreased correlation between items on the test measure. A company would want a low coefficient alpha level if they were trying to prove
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