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Staffing the Intrapreneurship Plan: Hiring the Right People for the Job Taja Samuels Strayer University Abstract Building a loyal customer base is a primary goal for companies of all sizes around the world. The benefits of having a customer retention department were assessed during this research. To achieve this goal, companies need a systems infrastructure that provides detailed information on each customer’s activities and allows them to proactively analyze and anticipate customer dissatisfaction. Well-trained and empowered agents can retain the vast majority of their customers. The challenge is to give agents the support, information and flexibility they need to get the job done, while having a management team in place to…show more content…
Being a part of the retention team, the associates will be expected to realize what organizational improvements are necessary to increase customer loyalty, so that they can address the issues and begin implementing the enhancements. Although it is ideal to train all agents with customer retention skills, the most cost effective option is to offer the role of a Customer Retention Specialist to the representatives who are already excelling within the organization through customer service and sales. Having agents who already have access to all necessary customer, analytics, and operational systems required to get the job done while the customer is still on the line makes the interactions with the customers smooth and satisfying. The customer retention group will be rolled out in phases, beginning with a pilot to ensure the success and need for the group within the organization. During this time, it will allow management to review the results and make adjustments to effect improvements. While the ideal candidate will already have a strong background in the company, there will be employee training programs that help every employee take an active role in building a culture dedicated to customer loyalty and retention. The management staff that will be needed to ensure the success of the customer retention department must empower the staff to take immediate action to retain the customer. They will be in charge of assigning rules and creating

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