Staffing and Organizing

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* Staffing and Organizing * Staffing What is STAFFING? * Refers to the task of filling position in the organization with the most qualified people available. * According to Theo Haimann: “Staffing pertains to recruitment, selection, development and compensation of subordinates.” * Nature of Staffing Function * Staffing is an important managerial function- Staffing function is the most important mangerial act along with planning, organizing, directing and controlling. The operations of these four functions depend upon the manpower which is available through staffing function. * Staffing is a pervasive activity- As staffing function is carried out by all mangers and in all types of concerns where business…show more content…
Staffing enhances other managerial functions: The Staffing function is very closely related to other managerial areas of the business. It influences the direction and control in the organization. The effectiveness of the other managerial functions depends on the effectiveness of the staffing function the organization performs. * 2. Training and development: Staffing in an organization provides training and development to the employees and enhances the employees to work effectively and this in return enhances the performance of the organization. * 3. Effective coordination: The Staffing function in the organization helps to build proper human relationships in the organization. An Effective human relation is the key to better communication and coordination of managerial efforts in an organization. This enhances the performance of the organization. * 4. Effective recruitment and placement: Staffing provides effective recruitment and placement which selects the right person for the right job which enhances the performance of the organization by having or selecting talented employees for the organization. * 5. Building effective human resource: Talented and experienced staff is the best asset of a business concern. The staffing function helps
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