Essay on Staffing the Boston Public Schools

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Staffing the Boston Public Schools

Factors Shaping the Boston Public School’s Staffing Practices There were several factors that contributed to the staffing practices of the Boston Public School system. The first of these factors was the seniority based transfer rules that allowed veteran teachers who wanted to transfer between schools first bid on posted vacancies. This practice was later amended in the mid- 1980s so that three permanent teachers were able to apply to any open position. The principle was then able to select from the three senior applicants thereby allowing the principal to have more control in staffing. Senior teachers were also allowed to place a “blind bid” on a school even if there was no immediate
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McGann also hired a technology consultant to help her develop and implement an online application system later that spring. Lastly McGann also reorganized the human resources department by designing an open-concept space and organizing the human resources department into cross trained teams that could answer questions from principals and prospective teachers according to education level such as elementary and secondary schools. McGann was promoted at the end of 2004 to assistant superintendent. The last key player in the article was Teresa Harvey-Jackson principal of the John Marshall Elementary School. The article used the staffing difficulties at Harvey-Jackson’s John Marshall Elementary School as a case study of problems faced by many principals in the BPS school district. The article sums up Jackson’s frustrations with her reflecting on the staffing process. “Most days I wish I had more authority over staffing in my school. Even though Massachusetts grants principals the right to hire and fire, BPS principals do not have this responsibility. This is problematic.” The Staffing Process Used at BPS The staffing practices at BPS at the time of the article were very bureaucratic and seemly dysfunctional. The 2000 contract presented improvement over previous years with the BTU compressing the overall hiring timeline

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