Stage Fright Persuasive Speech

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Stage Fright Speech Manuscript
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While some of us feel stronger symptoms than others, it still happens to almost all of us. You practiced your speech to yourself without any issue over the past few days and your time comes to finally get up in front of that special group of people. All of a sudden your hands start to sweat and tremble, your throat dries up and your heart begins to feel like it is going to convulse out of your chest. Next thing you know you are stumbling over your own words and your speech is not going nearly as smoothly as it was the night before. I know what you are thinking; clearly he is talking about glossophobia. I know you are also thinking at least it is better
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A theory by a sociobiologist, Edward O. Wilson, is that historically, being scrutinized and singled out by the group or community would put you in greater danger if you were ever in a situation where you needed help from others. In turn, human ancestors evolved a strong fear response against setting themselves apart from the protection of the group.

These hormones not only affect our mind, but our entire body. According to an article from the three most common symptoms of stage fright are dry mouth, short term memory loss and sweaty palms. The dry mouth can be attributed to your digestive system shutting down and closing the saliva ducts. The reason your digestive system shuts down is to decrease blood flow to digestive organs and instead use it to increase oxygen input to the muscles. This, however, can also be seen as a good thing as it also reduces the possibility of vomiting while doing your speech. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is the reason for the short term memory loss. Cortisol increases your mind’s focus on the senses like sights and sounds and reduces the amount of information that reaches your short term memory stores. This may cause you to lose your spot during a speech, but it can also make you more cognitively sharp and quick to respond. Adrenaline increases heart rate, constricts blood vessels and activates the sweat glands. The reason your palms get a little bit extra sweaty is because the hands have more than

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