Stage Models in Health Promotion Essay

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ORIGINS OF TMC cont. Underlying assumptions of TMC: 1. No single theory accounts for all behavior change. 2. Behavior change unfolds over time. 3. Stages are both stable and open to change. 4. Without planned intervention, populations will remain mired in early stages. 5. The majority of at risk population not ready for action. 6. Specific processes and principles of change need to be applied at specific stages. 7. Behavior is not random. Chronic behavior patterns are under some combo of biological, social, psychological influences. 8. Behavioral change typically consists of several attempts. Person may progress, backslide, and cycle and recycle through stages. THE STAGES OF CHANGE;…show more content…
Stage Matching: Major premise of TMC. Ex: Joe and Sally both smoke, would like to quit. Joe may have thought about quitting but have not made any active efforts to seek professional help: CONTEMPLATION stage. Sally has tried to quit but to no avail : PREPARATION stage. For Joe next stage is PREPARATION. For Sally, next stage is ACTION. Once we know person’s stage, diverse array of STRATEGIES will be used to promote desired behavior change. Process of Change: (poc) Defined as essential principles that promote change. Intervention strategies that help modify a person’s thinking, feeling, or behavior constitute a change process. Processes are the actual mechanisms or drivers, propelling forward progression through the stages of change , ultimately the elimination/adoption of behaviors. 1. Conscious raising: increasing awareness about health damaging effects of particular behavior. 2. Dramatic relief: produces increased emotional awareness or anxiety followed by relief if appropriate action taken. 3. Self-reevaluation: combines both cognitive and effective assessment of one’s self image in conjunction with given health behavior. (ex: obese person seeing themselves thin). 4. Environmental reevaluation: combines both affective and cognitive assessment of
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