Stages Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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7 Stages of Alzheimer’s Introduction: What is Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s is a brain deteriorating disease which takes years to come full cycle. Alzheimer’s starts to deteriorate the memory portion of the brain causing short term memory loss then continues on through the brain deteriorating the emotions and your ability to determine right from wrong. Plaques and tangles are proteins that accumulate around the cells in the brain cutting off precious nutrients and eventually causing the cell to die. Its estimated that about 4.5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s which usually develops after age 60 but can develop at any age before 60 known as Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Everyone who develops Alzheimer’s will experience it differently. The deterioration usually follows a similar path from the beginning through the end. Some experts follow the three-stage model of early stage, moderate stage and severe or the end stage. The Alzheimer’s Association and many healthcare providers follow a seven-stage model to help people better understand the regression as Alzheimer’s progresses through the brain. This seven-stage model was developed by Dr. Barry Reisberg of New York University. This model breaks Alzheimer’s into smaller stages which make the progression of the disease easier to understand. The seven stages of Dr. Barry Reisberg’s model are: Stage 1: Normal Outward Behavior Stage 2: Very Mild Changes Stage 3: Mild Decline Stage 4: Moderate Decline Stage 5:
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