Stages Of Cognitive And Moral Development

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Stages of cognitive and moral development, Interests and learning styles, and Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences To meet my students’ needs, I will begin supporting them psychologically, academically and develop classes that appeal to a wide range of different bits of intelligence. I am going to develop assorted techniques to construct my lesson activities that allow students to relate to the subject matter in ways that fit their interests, learning styles and strengths. I have many students who show abilities in different areas of intellect consequently I will let them work in collaborative education groups, either merging diverse intelligence styles or gathering them, is going to be a successful strategy. Alternatively, I will let my learners express their strengths in several areas of intelligence, they will be able to feel comfortable and capable. I will take in consideration Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and I will get these types of intelligence involved in my lesson activities too, with the goal that each student can be encouraged to examine and celebrate their own skills, for example: I will utilize team tactics for learners that have an interpersonal intelligence inclination, they will develop cooperative learning skills as they solve problems, answer questions, create learning games, brainstorm ideas and discuss the present theme together. In the case of students with Intrapersonal Intelligence, they will explore
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