Stages Of Development Across The Lifespan Essay

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Stages of Development Across the Lifespan
The human body is always developing and changing; physically, cognitively, socially and even changes through personality. These changes take place during different stages in the human development cycle. Throughout this paper you will be introduced to two developmental changes that happen physically, cognitively, socially/personality in adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood.

The physical changes that occur in adolescences happens from the age 13 to 18. In this stage, puberty and growth spurts take place. Puberty usually occurs in this age range but can also take place before the age 13 or after the age of 19. Female puberty includes reaching sexual maturity, beginning of menstrual cycle, development of breasts, widening of hips, and growth of body hair. Male puberty includes reaching sexual maturity, growth of genitalia, broadening on chest/shoulders, deepening of voice, and growth of facial and body hair. Both genders experience growth spurts at this time; male growth spurts, on average, are about two years later than that of females. At the age of 16, males usually stop growing in height and females usually stop growing in height between the ages of 10-14. These age ranges differ in each and every child for a number of reasons like genetics, GMO foods, activity, medications and many other reasons but is, for the most part, normal.

Cognitive development during this stage
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