Stages Of Hierarchical Multiple Regression Model

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Results A two stage hierarchical multiple regression was conducted with Partner’s Body Type as the dependent variable. Age was entered at stage one of the regression and Body Type and Relationship Status were entered at stage two. The variables were entered in this order since people are more likely to be in a relationship as they get older, thus we wanted to determine if the other variables had a unique contribution that was not already accounted for by age. The hierarchical multiple regression revealed that at stage one, Age contributed significantly to the regression model, F (1,164) = 13.106, p < .001) and accounted for 7.4% of the variation in Partner’s Body Type. Introducing the other two variables explained an additional 22.4% of variation in Partner’s Body Type and this change in R² was significant, F (3,162) = 22.875, p < .001. When all three independent variables were included in the regression model, relationship status was not a significant predictor of Partner’s Body Type. It was found that Age significantly predicted Partner’s Body Type (β = .199, p < .005), as did Participant’s Body Type (β = .467, p < .001). Together the three independent variables accounted for 29.8% of the variance in Partner’s Body Type. A logistic regression analysis was also conducted to predict participants’ relationship status (coded as 0 = single, 1 = in a relationship) using participants’ age and body type as predictors. The logistic regression model was statistically
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