Stages Of The Software Development Life Cycle Essay

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1. Identify 4 different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and explain how requirements are used in each stage of the SDLC. Planning, design, build, and launch (deployment)are four steps of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). During the planning phase, project team and plan will be developed using the agile approach. Project goals and end-user needs will be defined, and requirements will be gathered and prioritized. During the design phase, software and requirements are analyzed by the development team, and reviewed with the customers. According to the text book, system design is used to define technical specifications, infrastructure and software architecture needs (Lane, 2011). During the build phase, the development team will install and configure software, and code customization. During the test phase, developers and end user conduct system testing to ensure the system and functionalize are working properly, based off the provided requirements. This phase also includes, the no/yes go decision, which will determine if the project is ready to deploy or not. During the launch (deployment) phase, the tested software/code is moved into production for it to be used by the end users. 2. List and explain three criteria that the Information Technology (IT) Steering Committee should use to select and prioritize their projects. First an IT portfolio should be created for each project to allow for projects to be reviewed and prioritized effectively.
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