Exemplary Example Of The Way The Black Race Was Conditioned In The 1930's

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Stages Richard Wright's Native Son provides us with an exemplary example of the way the black race was conditioned in the 1930's. He does this by telling us about an adult black male named Bigger Thomas. Wright titles each book in the novel the way he does to give insight into the various actions and feelings of Bigger.

Book one is entitled Fear. It provides us with an explanation of why Bigger is afraid to do many things that he has a chance to do. Wright explains that Bigger is afraid because he is conditioned by white society to act this way. In Fear, Wright shows us that in actuality, Bigger is afraid to rob Blum's store. Bigger tries to mask his fear by implying that Gus is the one who is scared. They are shooting a
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Bessie starts to talk about the subject when Bigger interjects with, "And ask for money, sure, and get it too. You see, we cash in, ‘cause nobody else is trying to." When bigger returns to the Dalton's he is interrogated by private investigator Britten. Bigger leads him to believe that Jan Erlone is responsible for Mary's disappearance. He is on his way to see Bessie when Jan stops to talk to him. Bigger pulls a gun and begins to scream, "Leave me alone! Leave me alone!" When Bigger arrives at Bessie's he treats her like a stray dog. "You ain't going to turn away from me now! Not now, Goddamn you!" They begin to quarrel. Bigger yells, "Gimme a knife." He then realizes that Bessie knows that he already has one. He begins to write the letter.

"We got your daughter. She is safe. She wants to come home. Don't go to the police if you want your daughter back alive. Get ten thousand in 5 and 10 bills and put it in a shoe box and tomorrow night ride your car up and down Michigan Avenue from 35th Street to 40th. Blink your headlights some. When you see a light in a window, blink three times throw the box in the snow and drive off. Do what the letter say. Red

P.S. Bring the money at midnight."

Bessie becomes inquisitive. Bigger exclaims, "I ain't going to leave you behind to snitch!" He begins to threaten her. "If you scream, I'll have to kill you, so help me God!" Bigger takes her
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