Stages of Homosexuality in Adolescence

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Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual Adolescence Lesbian, Gay and Bi-sexual individuals, often times referred to, as LGB individuals, are those in society who can be defined and characterized by their sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is a term that can be complex and diverse. Sexual orientation is a variable that has varied throughout history and depends on different factors that are personal to the individual themselves. Although the term sexual orientation is a difficult term to define, for the purpose of this paper, LGB sexual orientation and homosexuality can be acknowledged as a person with sexual interest in attraction to members of one owns sex with orientation towards people of the same gender in sexual behavior, affection or…show more content…
At this time the individual is able to commit himself or herself and fully accept themselves as homosexual individuals. These people are able to fully live their lives as a gay, lesbian or bi-sexual person and homosexuality is now a fundamental part to this persons identity. These individuals find themselves happy with their lives as who they are, and often times would not choose to be living any differently if the choice was there.
Stigmatization and Psychological Dysfunction Although homosexuality is becoming more widely accepted among individuals of society, there is still a sense of stigma that surrounds those adolescents who are homosexual. There are many individuals in society who suffer from homophobia or are anti-gay, tears used to express ones irrational fear of being gay, lesbian or bi-sexual or even being in contact with someone who is same-sex orientated. Many young adolescents, who identify themselves as homosexual, undergo a great deal of emotional and/or physical abuse on a daily basis. Bullying against homosexual adolescents is a widespread problem in man schools around the world. Recent studies show that majority of homosexual students in schools do not feel safe when attending school everyday and often live a life surrounded by homophobic and anti- gay attitudes and causing them to stay home or perhaps even drop out of school entirely. In many
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