Stages of the Kill Chain Construction in the Movie, Ocean's Eleven

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Analysis Background
The “Ocean’s Eleven” movie has been chosen for the analysis in this paper mainly because of its unique storyline. Having a group of 11 people executing an indigenous plan to steal $150 million from a vault shared by three Las Vegas’ Casinos. The executed plan will be examined and mapped into a “7 stages” kill chain construction.

In our analysis, we have adopted the “7 stages” kill chain model (Hutchins et al., 2011) to describe our mapping from an adversary engaging an attack for a specific target and/or data. Figure 2 shows the adopted kill chain model. Kill Chain Progression
In this case, study we will discuss each stage of the kill chain model that are mapped to the story snippet and analyze how it could be disrupted or reduced the chances of letting the adversary successfully proceed to the next kill chain stage. In our analysis, we have taken into consideration that some stages may occur in parallel and breaking the kill chain can be mitigated at any stage or multi stages. Reconnaissance Stage
The adversary (Danny Ocean) has done a proper identification and selection of people with the relevant talents and abilities. Each of them has different role and responsibility to execute in the mission. The team has done a thorough research to understand the layout of the casinos (designed to keep people in, hence need to determine quickest route out), be aware about every guard, watcher and everyone with a security pass (including where they are from,
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