Stages of the Project Lifecycle Applied to Household Moving

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The intent of this paper is to evaluate these similarities from a project management standpoint. Like any successful project management initiative or effort, the entire effort needs to be predicated on shared expectations and common objectives if the entire effort is to succeed Pasian, Sankaran, Boydell, 2012). Setting attainable, realistic objectives is key to any complex project staying focused and on track to completion (Cagle, 1990). The team of a family member, the family members, must all share a common series of expectations and goals if the move is to be successful from a logistical and long-term benefit perspective. Each phase of the moving process, beginning with defining the objectives and reasons why to relocate, choosing with locations are of interest and evaluating them, deciding if renting or owning a home or apartment makes the most sense financially, calling the movers and coordinating their schedules, and the actual move itself can all be succinctly captured in a project plan. Once the items have arrived at the location, the unpacking and orientation process can quickly become an entire project plan unto itself. Buying a home or renting an apartment, closing on a purchased home if applicable and starting up all the various services for a home are also part of the plan. The most…
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