Stagnant Violations

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These stagnant violations have prevented me from establishing a stable and productive career with a company that offers a comprehensive salary, crucial health and dental insurance, and the opportunity for advancement, wage increases, bonuses, and other incentives. Companies’ such as: • (Fall/ 1996) Abbott Northwestern Hospital, hired as Certified Nursing Assistant, with the potential to become a RN, the company pays for the better part of the tuition and guarantee job placement in the department of field studied in-depth. • (Spring,2007) Union Pacific Railroad, interviewed for a general labor position with its train crew, with the potential for advancement as a Train Conductor, starting wage 55.000 annually plus over time. • (Spring/2010)…show more content…
Paul, hired as entry level Welder, completed the health physical in good standing, with the potential to make 70.000 my first year. • (2/2017) MN.DOT, applied and interviewed for Transportation Associate position, this position trains me to drive the street sweeper, city snow plows, etc. After going through all the preliminaries, to defy all the odds, and making my way up to become a top contender for 1 of 25 positions out of 125 finalist (all men), there were no words to express the devastation, frustration, hurt, and regret I felt when I didn’t get the job after I signed for the background check. • 04/19/2017) I am being considered for a truck building job at US Foods that has the potential to evolve into a delivery driver position, which would require a CDL (in-which I have already acquired, the Class B permit when I was preparing for the positon with MN. Dot).If given a second chance. I could obtain the CDL endorsement through US Foods employee training program and have the potential to earn over 80.000
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