Stakeholder Analysis : Business Analysis

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Xinyue Pan
Kristen Foster
15 October 2014
Stakeholder Analysis Essay
Nowadays, the increasing number of companies decide to boost the investment of advertisements in order to propagandize the new products more effectively and efficiently. Munusamy and Wong argue that advertising has become one of the important elements in our modern life (Munusamy and Wong). According to the most recent forecast of US advertising spending, eMarketer expects US advertisers to spend $171.01 billion on paid media this year, up 3.6% over 2012 spending levels ("US Total Media Ad Spend Inches Up, Pushed by Digital - EMarketer."). Besides, the increasing concern from the businessmen who spend a lot of money on advertising, there are also a rising number of customers who have highly prone to choose a product while being affected by advertisements. For example, the advertising that children view daily works -- 84 percent of parents take their kids to a fast food restaurant at least once per week (Davidson, Jeremi. "How Are Teenagers Affected by Advertisements for Fast Food?"). In addition, some advertising strategies will cause some social problems, such as advertising some products which will undermined health. Given the fact above, the increasing investment of advertisements is the debatable exigency. The research questions which leaded me to investigate are listed as follow: Is the huge investment of the advertisement worthy? And what kind of advertising strategies should be applied to
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