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Stakeholder Analysis; CVS Health Inside CVS Health, there are many stakeholders that come into play and are effected by the new change. The employees, customers and clients, suppliers and venders, investors, and local communities, are the stakeholders that are involved with and are close to CVS Health. CVS Health believes that staying close and involving their stakeholders to their CSR strategy, will help them be successful. Having employees that help contribute to the purpose that CVS Health stands for, helps the consumers get on a path to better health, and also contributes to the local communities outside of work. I am going to select ‘employees’ as the stakeholder for this analysis. Employees are affected as stakeholders…show more content…
The urgency for CVS Health on providing “best-in-class” workplace and career opportunities is low. CVS Health is really investing in their future workforce. From retail drugstore positions, to skilled healthcare professionals, they are really determined to meet their goals. The company is creating career growth programs from training, to leadership programs. They have designed health plans and wellness programs for employees. To help keep their focus of overall world health, they are reaching out not just to the consumers but to their employees. The opportunities and challenges that employees might present are when they think that their needs are not being met. Opportunities are for the business to build productive work relationships with the stakeholder (employee). Even though CVS Health is developing a system with all of the programs they have in place there is always something that can arise. Employees could feel that a certain need is not being met, and get together and boycott. This creates a potential threat for the company to acct immediately and try and resolve the problem. The responsibilities of the firm to the employees can come in a few different ways. Legally, the employee needs to have equal rights and pay. Ethically treated with fairness and respect. I feel that CVS Health has in place all or more programs to make sure the employee it taken care of. From Health plans, and

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