Stakeholder Communication And The Development Of The Cgi Simulation Program

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Stakeholder Communication “Stakeholders are as diverse as they are numerous. They can also exert various types of influence or power over the organization (Post 1999). Changes in a company 's approach to communication and marketing must consider … key stakeholders who are necessary for the survival of the corporation” (Clark, 1990, para. 2). Key internal stakeholder that will assist in the development of the CGI simulation program include: AGS management: environment artists, prop artist, character artist, technical animator, animator, game designer, code engineer (part time), QA tester (part time), and SAIC market research analyst (Kropat, 2015, p. 9). External stakeholders’ include company investors, clients, and the extended community (which derives benefits and an economic boost to the community due to the company’s operations). Communication must be tailored to fit the recipients, so that the pertinent information of specific interest to them, is delivered in an appropriate, effective and time-sensitive manner. The communication updates for the external stakeholders will focus on project status updates, release date information, simulation features and other salient selling points, which are of interest to their potential clientele. External stakeholder communication mediums will likely include emails to current and prospective clients, press releases, information published in affiliated trade magazines about the training simulation program, project launch

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