Stakeholder Communication Decisions and Goals of Schools

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A. There are two key things we need to know from the data. The first is what steps are needed to ensure that all students can complete their school year. The second is to know what those steps will cost. The first set of data should be found in the school's contingency plan, but if this proves inadequate, we must move quickly to gather this information from experts in the field. If no experts are available, we will need to use our own best estimates. Some assumptions will be built into this analysis, for example that all teachers will be returning and that if any priorities need to be set that graduating students would be placed at the top of the priority list for scarce resources. Once a rough understanding of our needs has been acquired, we need to know how much meeting our objectives will cost, and how that compares with the total financing available. Again, there should be some contingency plan that outlines potential sources of post-disaster financing. If not, then we will need to work with the district and any other relevant authorities to see what resources might be available to help ensure that our academic priorities are met. For example, we may need the district's help with a bond issue in order to cover repair costs and the provision of immediate funds to establish temporary classroom facilities, similar to how Joplin, MO dealt with the destruction of their property in a tornado (Shields, 2012). B. As chief administrator, it is my duty to meet the needs of
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