Stakeholder Influences on Programs Week 7 Hsm/270 Essay

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Stakeholder Influences on Programs In the field of Human Services, there are many details that must never be overlooked, there are many variables that must not ever be ignored, and there are many expectations from stakeholders that most definitely must be entertained by all staff and participants who are involved with a program. One may immediately assume when they hear the word "stakeholder" that it refers to the financial institution that has granted them the funding that made their program possible. This is certainly true, in fact, they are perhaps the most important and influential one. However, stakeholders are also staff members, program participants and their families, program administrators, the target population or…show more content…
Financial institutions, large or small are going to expect the program to do what it has stated that it was going to do. Proposals for grants are often full of promisses and guidelines that must be met at all costs. Not only will adhering to the program display professionalism and create immaculate rapport with the outside world, it will also ensure that an organization becomes reputable and that further funding will be granted by other financial institutions for future programs or the continuation of the original one. Their may be deadlines that are given for usage of the funds or guidelines that are given as to how, where, or when the funds are to be utilized. For obvious reasons, these expectations must be understood by everyone involved with the program. Stakeholders Evaluation for Peace Domestic Violence Agency In regard to staff involvement and responsibilities, the same guidelines and evaluation can and should be made with any organization and/or the program being evaluated. PEACE is an organization developed to cater to individuals who have been the victims of domestic violence or who have been involved with law enforcement and the judicial system as a result of abuse leading them into unlawful behavioral patterns. They may start to abuse drugs or alcohol to escape their pain or to fit in. They may run away from their homes, and end up on the streets commiting crimes as a means for survival.

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