Stakeholder Management : A Common View

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tailored to suit a particular project by adding whatever identified approach that apply to the project. 4.4 Stakeholder management challenges Stakeholder management is not without challenges. Effective management of stakeholders faces a number of difficulties as identified by the participants to the study despite the standards and available frameworks for managing and engaging with stakeholders. In an ideal world, these standards would work perfectly without any flaws but the world is not ideal at least the project management world. A common view amongst interviewees when asked about stakeholder management challenge was that of managing stakeholder’s expectation. It is not very easy to manage stakeholder’s expectations and fulfil all…show more content…
In his explanation he believes that having too many stakeholders to deal with in a project will results to confusion and miss interpretation of what the project really need to deliver. Having too many stakeholders can lead to complex interrelationship and interdependent among themselves which complicate the project even more. Giving example on this he said, if in a project you are have different client representative with different perception and interest in the project, every time one comes to a project meeting will try to impose some new things that he believe should be done for the project. In another meeting someone else from client may come and may not like it and propose another thing. Although expertise and different change control system are available these may results to delay and to project which the client is also not ready to understand. “Time” is another challenge facing stakeholder management. Time is a challenge in different aspects as explained. Some stakeholders especially the client will increase the scope and still want the project to be delivered on the initial time frame and are not ready to understand and accept the revised schedule. In another setting time is a challenge because sometimes due to limited time available, not all stakeholder claims and expectation can be fulfilled. Expanding on this one
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