Stakeholder Management

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Stakeholder management and reporting plan
The aim of stakeholder management and reporting plan is to summarize and communicate project progress and issues to the various stakeholders. Reporting the progress of the event accurately and regularly allows for better quality decision-making. There would like to discuss with the key stakeholder in following sections.

Firstly, the major key stakeholder is Leisure and Cultural Service Department (LCSD). As LCSD contracted out to 4 Seasons Events Company to create and manage in this cultural event, company’s project manager should provide all up-to-date information to report to Margrit LI, who is Assistant Director (Leisure Services) in LCSD. They would present executive summary information to
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for the management and reporting plan, logistics department should take into account in tender evaluation not only the competitiveness in price, however, reliability of performance, qualitative superiority and after-sale supports are also important. Thus, it requires the supplier to provide all the necessary information in the tender documents. Then, it will inform the successful tender in writing of the acceptance of the tender and invite the supplier to execute a contract with the department. For example: Since January 2013, logistics department should start to purchase procedure, because the event must purchase lot of wooden to build the maze; logistics would follow the procurement procedures to select supplies. To consider the price, reliability, support service etc., it chose Kam Hing Group, the wooden supplier finally. It should depend on tender document to sign with the contract. Lastly, it refers the budget analysis to financial and accounting department to have supplemental budget requests. In whole procedures, it course around 2-3 month. After that, logistics should follow-up the details for purchasing; it may use by phone and email to contact with supplier at weekly, because it should keep track the delivery on time and make sure the quality of wooden. So that, logistics department would like to use standard process to manage each of suppliers.

In addition, media is responsible by marketing department. About media aspect,
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