Stakeholder Salience Essay

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Stakeholder Salience
Grand Canyon University
ORG 807: Stakeholders in Organizations
Ron McCullough
October 16, 2013

As the push for globalization has demanded coalitions between countries, government organizations, and political party systems, there has been a great impact on the power and legitimacy of each organization that plays a part in this process. Dynamic groups have sprung forward to assess the validity of other groups, and calls for recognition on a global scale have had some countries and political organization demand it be accepted as an entity with a base of power that can negotiate under sovereignty. Group formation gives rise to identity, and by looking through a specific set of lenses, other organizations may adopt
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Stakeholders are more salient when they possess power, legitimacy and urgency” (p. 565). Since the previous paragraph discussed power in depth when concerned with a stakeholder’s interest in globalization, let’s transition to the variances in legitimacy and urgency.
Moral legitimacy has also taken a new role in globalization. Benjamin A. Neville, Simon J. Bell and Gregory J. Whitwell (2011) state “salience of stakeholders will also vary as the degrees of the attributes vary”. While some organizations can use time as a deterrent to imposing immediate change in its directional flow in changes of government, urgency is best identified with those who impact to make radical changes need to happen much sooner than later. Requesting assistance to uproot a political opponent or oppressive regime can ill afford a wait and see approach. Overthrowing a government that has been deeply rooted in a particular country’s way of living usually is met with fierce resistance, and a plethora of collateral damage.
Organizational change in nations can also bring to the forefront how the structure of the economy can impact stakeholder coalition. Hurrell (2013) discussed a two dimensional process for peace and ethics in a worldwide perspective by positing “economic globalization and integration on the one hand, and the character of

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