Stakeholder Salience

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Stakeholder Salience
Joy R. Kidd
GCU: ORG-807 Stakeholders Role in Organizations
December 24, 2014

Stakeholder Salience
Developing a relationship between and across organizations and its stakeholders can be counterproductive and interdependent to decision making. Globalization effects stakeholder’s coalition building and salience in organizations. It is known as an ongoing process or interrelated events of increasing movement of services, goods, and capital across national borders (Lawrence & Weber 2011). Stakeholders across organizations build coalitions as a means of increasing salience. Globalization has affected stakeholder coalition building as well as stakeholder salience. Finding
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Implementing and integrating this action plan could lead to a social and economic benefit with their mission, while collaborating and working together could potentially and successfully increase and fulfill intended goals.
For example when a particular stakeholder group demand urgent attention to a specific issue, the importance of the group creates managerial action and creates high salience, which takes a leading role in decision making toward corporate goals and social responsibility (Mishra & Suar, 2010). Furthermore, in order to achieve established corporate goals, best practice mitigation depends on the understanding and decision making of the demand and supply chain as well as the interests of the stakeholders. The success of corporate mitigation relies on the balancing of the wants and needs of the salience groups.
Globalization affected stakeholder coalition building
Globalization can affect stakeholder coalition building either negatively or positively. Caughlin noted that the level of communication from the overall result of a stakeholder or group of stakeholder’s significantly influence the relative power and conviction for a particular outcome which will greatly affect the costs of the decision making process as well as time (Caughlan, 2002). In building a stakeholder coalition one’s abilities to attain own

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