Stakeholder for Staples

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Introduction Stakeholders are individuals and constituencies that contribute, either voluntarily or involuntarily, to its wealth-creating capacity and activities, and who are therefore its potential beneficiaries and/or risk bearers1. There are several different types of stakeholders associated with a corporation, and those stakeholders can have different views and opinions on what corporation 's goals should be and how they should be running. I have interviewed three different stakeholders of Staples Inc., an employee, a customer and a stock holder, to find their relationship between them and the firm. Then, I will use this information to suggest how the firm should proceed and continue to have a better and more beneficial…show more content…
Another question was whether or not they thought that the Staples ' Soul program was a good idea or not. Again the customer and the employee had agreed that it was a good idea, but it was not important to them. In fact Ms. Lam had stated that "I don 't really mind. Although I think that they should work on their customer relations a little more." Mr. Esteves, the stockholder, found this program important due to the fact that since it was instituted the stocks of Staples Inc. have been going up. Although all three agree it is not a bad idea, Ms. Lam and Mr. Forgione do not find this type of program important to them at all. The fact that they do not find this program of no importance is because it has absolutely no affect on the customer or the employee stakeholders. The benefits of this program do not directly impact a majority of its employees or its customers. It appears that the relationship between Staples and its employee and customer stakeholders is a straight give take relationship, through the perspective of the stakeholders. Ms. Lam, in answering about what type of relationship she had with Staples said, "I need supplies, they need money. They take my money, I take their supplies." While Mr. Forgione stated, "The only thing Staples has done for me is provide me with a paycheck every week and some benefits." Next, I asked all three stakeholders to order which
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