Stakeholder 's Points Of View

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Introduction: A dilemma in today’s society is how certain individuals, lawyers, defend guilty criminals. In each law case, there is a lawyer who is defending a guilty client. Ethically, most individuals in everyday society would agree that guilty parties should end up in prison; however, it is the lawyer’s job to defend that party, guilty or not, and keep them out of prison. Stakeholder’s Points of View: A stakeholder in this case would be the lawyer. His point of view would be that, defending someone is his job. The attorney must set aside his morals and do everything in his power to keep their client from being found guilty in the courtroom. Although someone may actually be guilty, in the United States, everyone is innocent until…show more content…
Parents always want the best for their children, but knowing their child committed such a serious crime against someone else must be so disappointing and sickening. They probably have mixed feelings because, although their child did something as horrible as sexually assault another person, it is their family and they still might feel the need to support them and stick by their side no matter what. These stakeholders might also be in denial that someone they love would do something as horrible as this. Explanation of a Choice: The lawyer’s point of view is to defend their clients no matter what crime was committed and no matter if they are guilty or not guilty. Lawyers learn to have a certain mindset while working on cases; their morality changes. Yes, maybe their client is guilty and has committed a serious crime, however, it is their job to defend those who hire them. Going through many years of schooling you learn that every case cannot be won and every client is not going to be innocent. Most lawyers focus on achieving the legal needs of their clients and not worrying about fortifying legal justice (Merritt, 2016). Lawyers have to leave their emotions and judgements outside of the work place and focus on doing what they can to defend their clients. Link to Research: Being a criminal lawyer you can have interesting cases; however, not all of the clients that you are going to defend are innocent. It can be hard to

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