Stakeholder vs Stockholder Theory

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Larry Chapman Business Ethics Exam Two The Stakeholder theory of a firm is made up into equal percentages on a pie chart, which is made up of Financials, Suppliers, Employees, Customers and Communities. The Stockholder theory of a firm is made up by a pyramid structure consisting of Labor, Management, CEO, Board and Stockholders. I believe the Stakeholder theory is less ethical than the stockholder theory in terms of Libertarianism and Egoism. Libertarianism view points are that there is no direct harm, not infringing on rights, not breaking the laws, government protection only, free market and charity. The Egoism viewpoint is to maximize long-term self-interest. The Stakeholder Theory is less ethical from the Libertarianism…show more content…
So far everyone has the same common goal and for one to achieve their own goal they must help the other to achieve their goal. The main driver force of a company is the labor, which everything starts with them and flows into the shareholders. The Stockholder Theory is more ethical than the Stakeholders Theory, because it must take a team and from the Utilitarianism viewpoint this creates greatest happiness due to everyone achieving their goal to help others make their goal, which creates the greatest happiness. In terms of a Libertarianism view on sexual harassment there is no direct harm, because what is harm? Is harm just emotions or actual harm as in dying? Sexual harassment has no direct harm in regards of the person that is harassed will still be here after the harassment and not dead. It also does not infringe on rights, because we have the freedom of speech and a lot of harassment is characterized as comments. Also there are no rights stated that sexual harassment is legal or not legal. Sexual Harassment does not break the law, as in there is not a law for sexual harassment. A lot of people see it as unmoral and unethical, but still it does not break the law. There is no such thing as in government protection in sexual harassment, because no laws or rights are stated. The free market and charity does pertain to the sexual harassment. I believe Sexual Harassment does not exist in a Libertarianism view. Marketing is bad in terms of Deontology due to it

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