Stakeholders At The College Board Members And Each Department

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Stakeholders Internal stakeholders range from the students to the College Board members and each department in between. Examples of external stakeholders are the department of education and accreditation organizations (Suskie, Linda, & Banta, 2009). Internal Stakeholders Financial contributors want to ensure that the funds being contributed into the program are supporting learning. Faculty want to know that the content they are teaching is being learned by the students. Is the content being taught valid and can be measured? It can be found in Banta, Trudy, Jones, & Black’s work (as cited in Dolinsky, Matthews, Greenfield, Curtis-Tweed, and Evenbeck 2007, p. 11) “note, university communities that prefer evidence-based statements and actions typically utilize assessment results as a key source of information for making decisions to allocate new revenue streams or reallocate existing ones. When financial support is provided to make informed, targeted changes based on assessment results, it becomes evident that an institutional culture is embracing assessment and making enhancements that serve students.” Regular content assessment reports are conducted and those reports are collected and discussed. Feedback and necessary changes result from the reports. The purpose of the reports is to determine what is successful and what is not, and then evaluate why; they demonstrate where the weak areas of the course are, and how they could be modified (Banta, Trudy, Jones, & Black,
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