Stakeholders Comparison Between J Sainsbury Plc and Tesco Plc

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Report explaining the different types of stakeholders and how they influence the Business.

1.0 Terms of Reference

2.1 The task that we were given was to make comparisons between two different organisations and evaluate how much the stakeholders influence major decisions made within the business.

2.0 Procedure 3.2 Research 3.3 Relative information gathered 3.4 Analysis made between the two organisations 3.5 Report Written

3.0 The two Organisations

4.6 Tesco 4.7 Sainsbury’s

4.8 I have chosen the above organisations as they are both very similar business setups, therefore they should be slightly harder to evaluate than other businesses that I could have chosen; meaning that I
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With the matter of efficiency and proficiency, all organisations need their employees to be working at an acceptable rate, otherwise, the company won’t get their money’s worth out of the member of staff and we all know the old saying ‘time is money’ don’t we. Another way in which employees at either Tesco or Sainsbury’s can have an effect on company matters is by presenting ideas to their superiors, by which they might agree, give a positive response and tell their own superior; sometimes forgetting to mention it was someone else’s idea depending on how good the idea actually is and how much they care about personal gain. The other option they have is to completely reject your ideas and thoughts; if this is the case then the best thing to do would be to tell someone else about it (normally the person above your own superior) or to go away and take what they said on board and improve your idea. 6.12 Suppliers: Most businesses need a supplier of some sort, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are no different. Tesco Plc are an extremely large organisation, and therefore need to keep expenditure to a minimum, as if supplier costs get too high then profit margins will undoubtedly decrease, meaning prices will have to go up in order to retain a sustainable
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