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Question 1:
Stakeholders are people or groups who are interest on the organization. Their interest is differing from one group to another depending on their various sources. The first section is going to discuss stakeholder’s definition, types of stakeholders and their influence in strategic decisions. The following section will highlight different source of stakeholder power that could affect the relation between organizations and their stakeholders. Also, discussion of the stakeholder analysis in managing stakeholder power which may support or hinder the organization's strategic decisions. Finally, the conclusion will sum up some of the recommendations that may followed when planning for new strategy for any organization.

Part A
Stakeholder play important role in the success of any strategy in any organization. Therefore, organization should be concerned of the stakeholders. The stakeholder approach is required to consider in
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In Quadrant A, arm's length power, the power of stakeholders is less in operational details but more power to affect the organization from outside. For instance, community action could prevent dangerous project that may affect the environment such as nuclear power plant. In Quadrant B, stakeholders have comprehensive power such as major shareholder in for profit organization and government in non for profit organization. In Quadrant C, stakeholders are defined as operational power and it is empowered to influence operational decisions. For example, employees and suppliers of materials and services that are critical to the operation in organization have more power in organization decisions. Finally, in Quadrant D, stakeholders are disempowered because they have low power on both dimensions. For instance, customers or staff who has less chance to provide new sources of supply and market in their skills and products (Viney,

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