Stakeholders Of Stakeholders Within The Workplace

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Stakeholders are anyone or any group that may be affected by the organization actions. There are two categories of stakeholders, the primary and the secondary stakeholders. The primary stakeholders are the one that are directly affect by the organizations actions, decisions and the secondary stakeholders are the one that have interest in the organizations actions. The key characteristic of a stakeholders is that they have interest in an organization. Some examples of stakeholders are investors, directors, creditors, suppliers. The stakeholders within the PharmaCARE scenario are first of all the directors, the executives and the management team, they are taking all the decisions concerning the company so they are held responsible for the success or the failure of the company. Then we have the shareholders and investors, they invest in the company so they are affected by the company performance. We also have the employees which includes the supervisors, the managers, the doctors, pharmacist, they contributed in the well run of the company. The patients or customers are also stakeholders. We have also as stakeholders the vendors which are the distributors and the suppliers. The state government in New Jersey, the federal government, the healers of the company in Colberia, the local communities in Colberia, and finally the government of Colberia are also stakeholders. PharmaCARE has been the leader in the industry of healthcare. The ethical aspects of the business were not
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