Stakeholders in Nursing Programs' Evaluation Process

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Part 1 Stakeholders on Nursing Programs Evaluation Process First, we must ask who the stakeholders are when it comes to any nursing program. This is a wide universe, for the stakeholders are many. First, of course, we have instructors at the university level, most of whom have been or are practicing professionals. Then there are the administrators of the program who must continually search out money and grants to keep the program going. We then move into the public sector: patients, families, physicians, support staff at healthcare facilities, healthcare administration, HMOs, private insurers, and governmental agencies (Colvin,, 2008). Each has a role to play within the evaluation process. If we divide these groups, we find some commonalities: The administrators Each person in charge of any program that has anything to do with nursing has an effect on the evaluation process. They must be confident that the quality and consistency of nursing is being met when they graduate students (accreditation) or hire. They must know that the programs are meeting state and Federal requirements and must continually lobby for funding to keep the flow of professional nurses coming as needed. Medical Professionals This is possibly the most robust of the stakeholder group, and also the most critical. In this information age, medical technology is changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up. Medical professionals, from physicians to specialists to technicians influence the type
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