Stakeholders in Tesco and College

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P2 M1
a) For each of your chosen organizations describe 5 different stakeholders they have.
List Stakeholder
Tesco Describe
List Stakeholder
Grwp Llandrillo Menai Describe
Their main interests in the business are reliable quality, value for money, product availability, and customer service. They want to experience the best possible service and products which are good value for money.
Their main interests in the business are that it operates legally, tax receipts and jobs. They want to make sure the business is offering jobs.
Their main interests in the business long term contracts and prompt payments. They want prompt payments from the business.
Their main interests in the business
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They want this so they aren’t left short of money.
The shareholders can influence the company as they can elect directors.

Grwp Llandrillo Menai Stakeholder
The company’s aim and or objective this stakeholder has influence on or may attempt to influence
What is the point of view of the stakeholder, what would they want and why would they want it?
How can they influence the company?
The communities aim is to ensure the company is successful and this could also bring jobs to the local community. The community’s influence within the business.could be that they could make some suggestions to change the structure of the business.
The community want to make sure that the business does not impact the environment negatively and that they are producing local jobs. They want this so that the business does not impact the community negatively.
The community can influence the business indirectly by local planning and opinion leaders.
The government’s aim is to improve the welfare of the country 's population.
The government wants the business to be offering jobs to the local community and to be operating legally. They want this so that the college is boosting the economy now and in the future.
The government can influence the company by introducing rules and regulations, subsidies, taxation and planning permission.
The suppliers aim is to sell their produce to a large
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