Stakeholders of Marks and Spencer and Their Influence and Powers

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Ahmad Hussain Kaisrani

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Dr Leslie Doyle; Dr Emanuela Todeva

University of Wales


Strategic Investigative Questions (03)

History of Marks and Spencer (04)

General Introduction of M&S (04)

The SWOT Analysis (06)

Source of Information (07)

Stakeholders and their power and ability (08)

Stakeholder Summary (09)

Organisational Configuration (10)

Evaluation of Corporate Structure (11)

Functional lines of communication (11)

Internal and External Linkages (13)

Conclusions (15)

References (16)

Strategic Investigative Questions

Following are the two questions which our group were
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The most respected brand values of Marks and Spencer are



The SWOT Analysis can show all the characteristics of M&S.


Source of Information

The main source of data presented in this paper is the official website of Marks and Spencer. The details of links are provided at the end of this paper under the title of References.
Bolland’s Strategic Rethink – An article by Rosie Baker appeared in Marketing Week, UK (News Section, Page 19 under the section of Retail. October 18-24, 2010).
New man at M&S looks to reconquer overseas markets and win hearts in home wares – An article by Julia Finch, appeared in The Guardian on November 06, 2010.
An Informal Interview of Mr. Shomail Abbas Khan (The Marketing Executive M&S).

Thus since now we know the remarkable history and brief introduction about M&S it is going to be indeed more interesting to know the stakeholders and their power and ability, organizational structure and its business operations which is described in detail in following sections.

Stakeholders of the Marks & Spencer
There are two types of stakeholders in M&S.

Internal Stakeholders

Employees and staff

External Stakeholders

General public/ Communities/ Pressure groups

Powers and abilities of Stakeholders to influence choices and decisions of M&S
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