Stalin And The Soviet Union

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When Joseph Stalin came into power the Soviet Union was a large and under developed country. Mostly agriculture, a high producer of grain but without industry. Only the capital Moscow had started to industrialize but in a very centralized area in small and slow steps. The Russian people had just been through World War 1, two revolutions in 1917, civil war and famine by the time Stalin took the reigns of the country. All which had massive impacts on the state of the economy. Stalin saw Russia as weak compared to her counterparts and wanted to strengthen Russia and bring her to the world table as a dominant power. Stalin knew that the greatness of a country came with severe suffering however the suffering could not be forced, and the devastation that comes with success should not be planned. Stalin tried to force Russia to greatness, which he accomplished for a short period of time but can be seen as temporary as Russia struggles today in economic sectors. Stalin believed that the Soviet Union should start to build from within and strengthen internally. The turn toward national communism was a shift from the previously held Marxist position that socialism must be established globally. The theory of socialism in one country was adopted by the Soviet Union as state policy in 1925. This was going to be the beginning of Stalinism we know today. His concept of socialism and how he tried to achieve greatness with his country by the means of changing economic policy,
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